These are some of the breeding male dogs that are utilized in our Shockerline XXL American Bully Program. We make sure that all of our dogs are home based, family integrated pets, we do not believe in kennel only environments for our dogs.

Breeding Male – Maximus – Our Secret Weapon!

Breeding Male Maximus

Maximus is a 1st pick import from the legendary Pro Bulls King Kong x Alabama Irons Anaconda – This boy throws consistently beautiful pups with docile natures that are fantastic companions for families and other pets.

Breeding Male – Osiris – Legend Killer!

Breeding Male Osiris
Osiris is our first pick keeper out of Blade x Snow – He is definitely hurting some feelings! Osiris has matured into a densely muscled yet very athletic dog, he is agile and athletic. Osiris has a lovely temperament, he’s great with children and pups and we use him for puppy socializing all the time.

Breeding Male – Bullet – The Crown Prince

Bullet is the 1st pick male out of RIP BB Kennels Optimus Prime x Shockerline’s Snow. Bullet is lovely boy, totally stable temperament, loving and loyal, he is also starting to fill out and take after the monster who was his father! Keep and eye on this space for this stunning chap.

Breeding Male – Romulus – The Champagne Key

Romulus is the 1st pick male out of King Kong son Maximus x Double Champion Sage. Romulus is a stunning full champagne color, very gentle and playful in nature and has a totally stable temperament! Keep and eye on this space for this stunning chap.

Breeding Male – Grizzly – A working dog dream

Breeding Male Grizzly
Grizzly is the 1st pick male out of the Anubis (Kimbo x Layla) x Furia (Bouncer x Skyla) breeding. Grizzly loves to work, he’s always on the go and eager to please his owners. Good drive coupled with great temperament makes for a lovely companion dog. Watch out for breedings with him in the future.


Retired – Biego – Our Linebred Beauty!


Biego is a beautiful pup out of a Kimbo x Nala line breeding, he is fantastically proportioned and his nature is loving and wonderful, his owner has huge aspirations for him in the show ring, so expect to see a lot of this great pup in the future.


Retired – Ice – Our GREAT WHITE!


Ice is a second pick male out of the Great Lakes Bullyz camp, his father is Bam Bam who is a certified beast… his mother is a giant and has a permanent smile on her face, this boy is full of life, playful all the time and has drive for days!

RIP – GR CH Kimbo –  The Foundation!
RIP GR CH Kimbo was our first import male with a huge pedigree from Shockerline USA, he is the OG in the yard and still a absolute boss!!

RIP Blade – The SABKC Champ!


RIP CH Blade was the first pick from the 2nd Kimbo x Layla litter, this boy is a giant, massive drive, protective, athletic and totally lovable all wrapped up in a neat package. We cannot wait to see what this amazing creature produces!!


RIP Optimus Prime – Interstellar Giant!


RIP Optimus Prime is the first pick male out of Rampage (Shockerline / Africa King) and Angel (South East Pits / Africa King. He is massive, sitting at almost 60kg at under 11 months old, we expect massive massive puppies when we breed this future champion.

Optimus is owned by our friends at Blueberry Bullies South Africa