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  • BLADE - Beautiful Boy

    BLADE - Beautiful Boy
  • Protective Family Members

    Protective Family Members
  • Electra

  • Loving, Loyal Companions

    Loving, Loyal Companions
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  • Blade the beast

    Blade the beast
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    Puppy Patrol
  • Triple Trouble

    Triple Trouble

XXL American Bully kennel located in Johannesburg, South Africa

Welcome to Shockerline
the premiere choice.

At Shockerline XXL American Bully’s South Africa we pride ourselves on the fact that we create the most unique Bully,
appearance and temperament wise, Shockerline South Africa is at the forefront of the XXL American Bully game.

Each Shockerline Bully has it’s own unique characteristics. Our goal is to create the following; a friendly and loving temperament and a loyal companion, that is genetically sound. American Bullies are dogs that are bred to have a largely built muscular physique and structure, a blocky flat head and a willingness to please their owners, our dogs are frequently described as “showstoppers”.

We don’t only produce show winners, but protectors and guardians as well, our dogs are known to be extremely patient and gentle with children, loving with families and fierce with intruders. We produce quality!

Shockerline SA spares no expense in procuring some of the best blood lines money can buy. From these imports we have created international quality on South African shores. Have a look around the site and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. Thanks for visiting!!

Current breedings can be found on the puppies page or by clicking here

XXL American Bully

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